ESG Investor rating agencies

The ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) Rating Agencies are organizations that examine a company's ESG policies to measure its risks and opportunities.

Following are some of the rating Agencies

  • MSCI - Morgan Stanley ESG MSCI ESG rating
    MSCI ESG Ratings aim to measure a company's management of financially relevant ESG risks and opportunities.ESG Ratings range from leader (AAA, AA), average (A, BBB, BB) to laggard (B, CCC). Also rate equity and fixed income securities, loans, mutual funds, ETFs and countries.
  • Sustainalytics ESG
    Risk Rating. Sustainalytics is an ESG rating and data supplier that provides ESG ratings on 20,000 companies and 172 countries. ESG scores, can range from 0 to 40+, with 0 representing the lowest level of risk.
  • S&P Global Ratings ESG Scores S&P TruCost
  • Bloomberg ESG Disclosure Scores
  • ESG Ratings by FTSE Russel
  • Moodys Vigeo Eiris V.E
  • CDP Carbon Disclosure Project - CDP ESG Rating
  • Thomson Reuters ESG Scores



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