Automated Metering Infrastructure

Automated Metering Infrastructure will allow energy company and their customers to get more information about energy use, have open energy standards, allow reneweable sources of energy to be added to the energy grid, two-way communication of information and more.

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Networking Infrastructure:
As more applications are included in smart grid (V2G charging, demand response), there is need more high bandwidth smart grid networks. There is debate today whether utilities should use cellular (like AT&T, Verizon) or private mesh networks for smart grid.
The key factors for network selection are - cost (TCO including ability to upgrade), coverage, bandwidth, security,
Smart grid opportunities significant revenue opportuntiy to Cellular networks as they already have capacity without very limit additional cost. Moreover their existing markets are mature. The wireless networks are cost competitive (with sharp drop in prices in the last 18 months)
Meter Readers
Smart Meters
will replace existing meters by two way smart meters. Todays meters are read once per month. Smart meters will capture energy consumption data more frequently (several times a second) and at a granular level (Per appliance?)
There are about a billion meters installed worldwide. Replacing these meters with smart meters is a huge market opportunity. Learn more about smart meters.
Grid Routers
Grid routers collect information from multiple smart meters installed at homes, commerical and other customers sites. Traditional Utlity IP companies, new startup, exisiting tech networking industry companies are all creating smart grid networking products. Learn more about Grid Routers.
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Technology and Security

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  • Network - Meters, Routers etc

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