Lithium Renewable Energy Analysis

Lithium Global Supply and Production
Date posted: 2023/01/13

Lithium Supply

End use of Lithium is for :
batteries, 74%;
ceramics and glass, 14%;
lubricating greases, 3%;
continuous casting mold flux powders, 2%;
polymer production, 2%;
air treatment, 1%; and
other uses, 4%

Lithium Supply

World's has identified lithium resources of 89-million-tonnes
Substitution for lithium compounds is possible in batteries, etc

Brine based lithium - Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, China, and the United States
Mineral-based lithium - Australia, Austria, Brazil,
Canada, China, Congo (Kinshasa), Czechia, Finland, Germany, Mali, Namibia, Peru, Portugal, Serbia, Spain, the United States, and Zimbabwe

CountryDeposits in tonnnes2021 Production
Chile9.2M 26,000
Australia5.7M 55000
Argentina2.2M 6200
China1.5M 14000
United States0.75M 2,900
Canada0.37M 22,000
Zimbabwe.23M 1200
Brazil.095M 0
Portugal0.9M 0
Other2.77M 0

Recycling: recycled lithium metal and lithium-ion batteries

Lithium Demand

The Lithium market was around $8 billion/year globally or 100,000tonnes in 2021 Growing at 21% per year. Demand for them is expected to increase fivefold by 2030.

Sources - usgs.gov
URL - Lithium Global Supply and Production

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