Rare-Earth Metals Renewable Energy Analysis

Rare Earth Metals Global Demand and Supply
Date posted: 2023/01/13

Rare Earth Supply

World's has Rare earth element, or REE,reserves of 120-million-tonnes Rare earths are relatively abundant in the Earths crust, but minable concentrations are less
common than for most other mineral commodities.
Substitutes are available for many applications but generally are less effective.

CountryDeposits in tonnnes2021 Supply
China44M 168,000
Vietnam22M 400
Russia21M 2,700
Brazil21M 500
India6.9M 2,900
Australia4M 22,000
USA1.8M 43,000
Sweden1M 0
Tanzanian0.9M 0
South Africa0.8M 0

Recycling: Limited quantities of rare earths are recovered from batteries, permanent magnets, and fluorescent lamps

Rare Earth Elements Demand

The REE market was around $10 billion-$15 billion/year globally or 280,000tonnes in 2021 Growing at 8% per year. Demand for them is expected to increase fivefold by 2030.

Sources - usgs.gov
URL - Rare Earth Metals Global Demand and Supply

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