Commercial Demand Response

Commercial Demand Response Solutions for Commercial Buildings such as hospitals, Office buildings, retail, apartments. Most demand response solutions today claim to improve efficiency by upto 30%

Solutions involve both automated and manual:
1. Manual - Enernoc
2. Autotmated Solutions - Building IQ, Optimum Energy, Cleanurban energy, SureGrid Acquired by Siemens in 2010.

Demand Response Solutions

  • Commerical and Industry DR Solutions

    Since Commerical and Industrial have high energy consumption, most start-up have targeted these first..
    Companies in this area - EnerNoc, BuildingIQ, CleanUrbanEnergy

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  • Residential DR Solutions

    Similar to commercial DR, Residential Demand Respose solutions will rewards consumers to modify their behaviour. The rewards can be cash or point based (similar to airline loyalty program)
    Companies in this area - Ecofactor, Suntulit

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