Demand Response

Demand Response implies implementing solutions to limit energy use during peak energy demand periods. Energy use varies during the day and during certain months of the year. To meet excess demand during peak periods, energy companies add special 'plants' to meet demand. These are expensive financially as well as for the enviroment.

DR solutions reduce peak demand helping energy companies to eliminate the need for "peaker plants". DR Solutions may do the following:
1. Shed peak non-critical energy load such as shut off unnecessary appliances, lights etc
2. Shift to other sources of energy during peak periods
As more grid becomes more efficient, advanced DR solutions will be developed.

Demand Response Companies

Demand Response companies work with participating customers by sharing revenues generated by reducing energy consumption. These are generally paid by Utilities who in turn benefit by not having to use "peaker plants" which have high cost of energy.

Most demand response solutions today claim to improve efficiency by 30%. In future, Will improved appliance efficiency for HVAC, Refriferation, Lighting,(by 80%) and energy storage allieviate the need for demand response.

Demand Response Solutions

  • Commerical and Industry DR Solutions

    Since Commerical and Industrial have high energy consumption, most start-up have targeted these first..
    Companies in this area - EnerNoc, BuildingIQ, CleanUrbanEnergy

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  • Residential DR Solutions

    Similar to commercial DR, Residential Demand Respose solutions will rewards consumers to modify their behaviour. The rewards can be cash or point based (similar to airline loyalty program)
    Companies in this area - Ecofactor, Suntulit

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