EV charging

An electric Vehicle charging will put significant demands on the energy infrastructure. EVs can use almost the same amount of energy as the entire home thus roughly doubling the energy needs of the house.

Three types of EVs - hybrid, plug-in, and battery.
EV Market Size Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Infrastructure Market is expected to reach USD 45.59 billion by 2025 as per market watch with growth rate of 46.8% from 2017 to 2025 These also include battery swapping solutions In 2022, US BEV maret share was 4.6% of totall market with 160K cars sold in Q1 2022. The electric car market share (BEV, PHEV & Hybrid) is 12.4% in Q1 2022

Main Areas of Focus are :

Vehicle to Grid
A common concern related to EV charging is whether power systems can handle increased demand for electricty as electric vehicles are deployed in greater numbers.
Vehicle Charging Stations
An entire EV charging infrastructure needs to be built.
More than 20 million charging points for electric LDVs need to be installed every year to 2030 A vehicle may charge across multiple utilties
Small EV charging pilots have been done in
1. Japan (taxis) 2. Canada and 3. Hawaii 4. Israel

EV Charging companies