Marine Energy

Marine Energy

There are various types of marine energy, including wave, tidal stream, tidal range and offshore wind, as well as ocean thermal, ocean current, run-of-river and salinity. Moving water has 1000 times more kinetic energy than air.

Wave Energy

Waves are formed by winds blowing over the surface of the sea. The size of the waves generated will depend upon the wind speed, its duration, and the distance of water over which it blows (the fetch), bathymetry of the seafloor (which can focus or disperse the energy of the waves) and currents. The resultant movement of water carries kinetic energy which can be harnessed by wave energy devices.

Tidal Energy

Tidal streams are created by the constantly changing gravitational pull of the moon and sun on the world's oceans. Tidal energy is available 24/7 along coastlines.Tides are predictable

Tidal energy is a global resource representing an estimated potential between 160 - 810 GW capable of providing up to 5% of global electrical demand

Installed marine energy capacity (GW) 2016 (GW)

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