Meter Data Management

With Smart Meters, Utilities will go from meter data read once a month to several times a day. In addition, meters will capture more information beside power user. - power quality, voltage etc. To manage this increased volume of data (4000 - 10000 times), Utilities will deploy Meter Data Management systems.

Meter Data Management companies refers to management of data generated by smart meters. In addition, it also refers to enhancement of utilities back-office functions such as billing, invoicing, outage management, GIS, reporting etc.

Advanced MDM functions may include Remote Connect/Disconnect of meters and intergraton with other backoffice systems. There are several MDM vendors:
MDM Companies
Comparision of MDM products

  • MDM Software

    Leading MDM vendors are Aclara, Alactel-Lucent, Alter Way, Arad Technologies, eMeter, Landig+Gyr, Ecologic Analytics, Itron, Oracle, SAP.

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  • Back Office

    Billing, Invoicing.

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