Nuclear Fusion

Nuclear fusion aka energy of the stars is the process of combining lighter atoms into heavier atoms to produce energy. Unlike nuclear fission, there is no radioactive waste like in nuclear fusion.

It is in experimental state with several different approaches to generate fusion reaction
There was about $3 Billion of private investments in nuclear fuson in 2021 Nuclear Fusion Companies

Comparision of Nuclear Fusion Approaches

There are several technologies in which nuclear fusion startups are approaching to solve the problem from Magnetic, Laser fusion
  • Maganetic confinement Fusion MCF

    Generate thermonuclear fusion power that uses magnetic fields to confine fusion fuel in the form of a plasma - Tokamak and Stellarator.

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  • Inertial confinement fusion (ICF)

    Initiates nuclear fusion reactions by compressing and heating targets filled with thermonuclear fuel. Most common one is Laser Fusion

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