Renewable Energy Policy


Paris Climate Accords - 2016

The Agreement is a legally binding international treaty signed by 193 Parties (192 countries plus the European Union) The Paris Agreement's long-term temperature goal is to keep the rise in mean global temperature to well below 2 C (3.6 F) above pre-industrial levels, and preferably limit the increase to 1.5 C (2.7 F)
review countries commitments every five years;
provide financing to developing countries to mitigate climate change, strengthen resilience and enhance abilities to adapt to climate impacts.


Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act - 2021

$7.5 billion to build a national network of electric vehicle chargers;
$73 billion in power infrastructure and clean energy transmission
$30 billion for Amtraks development of the Northeast Corridor
$5 billion in zero emission and clean buses and $2.5 billion for ferries.
$7,500 tax credit for new electric vehicles
$4,000 tax credit for used electric vehicles
30% tax credit for solar panels, wind energy
Up to $2,000 a year for home efficiency projects
Up to $8,000 of home-energy rebates
Up to $14,000 in rebates for efficient appliances

California - all-electric car mandate

The order requires 35% of new cars sold in the state be electric vehicles by 2026, and 100% by 2035.

European Union

EU Energy Efficiency Directive 2012/27/EU

legally binding measures to encourage efforts to use energy more efficiently in all stages and sectors of the supply chain.

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