Smart Grid Technologies

Networking Technology

Home Area Networking (HAN)

Bluetooth Blea NFC
- <10cm,
- wireless langauge that allows different devcies and appliance to talk with each other
- Low cost, low speed and low power wireless protocol
- Appliance using zigbee - smart thermostats,
- ZigBee Alliance
Mobile phone, PCS, Laptops, Home routers to connect to internet
- IPv6 over LoW Power wireless Area Networks

Wide Area Networking (WAN)

Low Power Wide Area Network
for devices like Smart Meters that are continuously on and emitting small amounts of data
Cellular 4G, 5G
Used by Cellular provider
Network Security
  • SIP Protocol
  • Routers
  • Switches
  • SCADA and reclosers,
    feeder switches,
    capacitor banks and controllers,
    transformers, and
    voltage regulators


    Security is a major concern with all wireless technologies that may be used for smart grid solutions.
    Technology providers are working to address these concerns. Scada protocol -IEC 61850 - substation automation


    • MVRS - Automated Meter Reader software
    • Data Management - MDM
    • - Enterprise and SAAS based solutions available.
      - MDM vendors
    • Analytics and Reporting
    • Customer Apps, Portals
    Technologies Providers


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