Energy Utilities Overview

There are over 3000 Utitilies in US. 1,600 hydroelectric projects in the U.S

List of Utitities companies
Utilites allowed guaranteed pricing in exchange for monopoply
    Energy generation functions are divided into the following:
  • Power Generation
    - These include coal, gas, hydro, nuclear, and now renewable forms such as solar, wind, ethanol, geothermal etc.
  • Transmission
  • Distribution and Substation
  • Retail/Customer
  • functions include invoicing, payment collection, meter reading, billing, customer support
Integrated/Bundled utility
- Integrated/Bundled utility provides all 4 functions.
- Wholesale competition
Water distribution
Natural gas transmission and distribution
Wholesale market
With deregulation, some or all purchases that the utilities makes comes from wholesale transaction
Energy service providers
Community Aggregators

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