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Wind energy Capacity

Wind power has seen rapid growth worldwide. Major technological advances in wind turbines (including much larger blades creating very high output per turbine and blades that suffer very little downtime and are thus more efficient), along with massive government incentives encouraging investment in wind generation, have fueled turbine installation.

The cumulative capacity of installed wind power worldwide amounted to approximately 837 gigawatts in 2021. Onshore wind power accounted for the majority of total wind power capacity, at about 780 gigawatts that year. China, US, Germany, India, Spain, UK and Brazil are top wind energy markets.

In the U.S., wind power generation grew dramatically, from 11,187 thousand megawatts in 2003 to 94,652 thousand in 2010 and approximately 380 billion kWh by 2021. and accounts for 9% of total US electricity generation.

Installed wind power capacity (GW) 2016 (GW)
Source - gwec

Installed wind power capacity by state
Wind Energy

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